Sara Lerner

When you love what you do, it never feels like work.

Growing up with a creative mom, I acquired the knack to see things most other kids didn’t notice- interior design, correct colors and how they affect people, and doing crafty things. I dreamed about travel and what the inside of homes looked like (because we didn’t have a computer to look at pictures online like we do now) I obtained my degree in Psychology, and then pursued my love of travel. I traveled the world as a flight attendant and got to see how different cultures affect designs. Once I decided to stop flying, and plant my feet firmly on the ground, I continued my obsession with beautiful spaces and homes. This inspired me to become a home stager. I believe each home has its own personally and look. Now I get to use my college degree and show how the psychology of staging affects the buyers mindset when they connect emotionally and can picture themselves in their new home.